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  • Surgery Steps of Hysteroscopy for Intrauterine Adhesion

    Surgery Steps of Hysteroscopy for Intrauterine Adhesion

    【Hysteroscopy】Surgery Steps of Hysteroscopy for Intrauterine Adhesion Intrauterine adhesions (IUA), also known as Asheman syndrome, is caused by trauma to the uterine uterus during pregnancy or non-pregnancy, resulting in damage to the...

    Aug 19, 2020


【Gynecological Laparoscopy】Laparoscopic Accessory Resection

Laparoscopic accessory resection refers to laparoscopic removal of the affected fallopian tube and ovary. Applicable disease 1. Patients over the age of 40 who have a unilateral ovarian benign tumor and a normal contralateral ovary. 2. Infla...


【Gynecological Laparoscopy】Ectopic Pregnancy Surgery

Case review: Patient: Xiao Wang Diagnosis: Ectopic pregnancy Treatment plan: laparoscopic minimally invasive surgery for ectopic pregnancy Post-operative condition: the body is recovering well Laparoscopic surgery is smoothly out of danger A...


【Gynecological Laparoscopy】Laparoscopic Ovarian Chocolate Cyst Exfoliation

Laparoscopic surgery to strip ovarian chocolate cysts while preserving normal ovarian tissue. Indications 1. Accompanied by infertility 2. Dysmenorrhea, especially those with secondary dysmenorrhea with pelvic mass. 3. Chronic pelvic pain is...


【Gynecological Laparoscopy】Uterine Fibroids Exfoliation

Laparoscopic myomectomy is a surgical method that removes uterine fibroids and preserves the uterus to ensure that the patient has menstruation and fertility. Laparoscopic surgery lacks the sense of hand touch, so it is easy to miss small in...