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4K And 3D Laparoscopic Camera System

Release time: 07 Sep 2021    Author:Shrek

Laparoscopic surgery is the perfect combination of advanced science and technology and modern medicine. It is called a symbol of minimally invasive surgery. It has changed the traditional thinking concepts, technical routes and operating skills, and its application has broad prospects. With the development of robotic surgery and breakthroughs in high-definition imaging, continuous improvement of surgical approaches, continuous maturity of technology, continuous improvement of equipment and instruments, laparoscopic surgery will become more accurate, and will lead minimally invasive surgery into a new field.
How to choose 4K and 3D equipment
With the continuous innovation of science and technology, in recent years, 4K ultra-high-definition systems, 3D high-definition video, etc. have been gradually introduced, and some clinical problems have gradually surfaced: how to choose 4K and 3D equipment?
What are the considerations for 4K and 3D
So far, there have been many academic researches around the world. Based on scientific objective considerations of the advantages and disadvantages of 4K and 3D, the main criteria are divided into several categories: (1) visual fatigue (2) dizziness (3) ) A sense of spatial positioning (4) A sense of coordination of operation (5) Visual acuity (6) Brightness (7) Resolution (8) Color resolution (9) A sense of operation (10) Surgeon distance (11) Frame rate and refresh rate (12) Image contrast
Through a large amount of scoring data, the research experts gave a set of results, according to the observers from different angles during the operation, to get the feelings of different groups of people.
Among them, the best surgeon distance refers to the best distance between the surgeon and the endoscope system monitor during laparoscopic surgery. The surgeon distance in the study is scored according to the following criteria: 1 point, <50 cm; 2 points, 50~100 cm; 3 points, 100~150 cm; 4 points, 150~200 cm; 6 points, >200 cm.
Three important steps in research
1 Feedback from the surgeon
There are obvious differences between 4K and 3D systems in terms of resolution and sense of operation. Among them, 4K laparoscopy has the most advantages in resolution and color, and 3D laparoscopy has advantages in depth.
Surgical feedback showed that the surgeon did not experience that the spatial sense of 3D laparoscopy was significantly better than that of traditional laparoscopy. Senior physicians who have been engaged in laparoscopic surgery for a long time can compensate for the shortcomings of lack of depth sense. The degree of demand for 3D is not obvious.
2 first assistant
The first assistant is responsible for assisting the surgeon in the entire operation in the operating room, including pre- and post-operative examination preparations. His subjective experience is second only to the surgeon. The first assistant’s sense of visual fatigue, operational coordination, resolution, sense of operation  and frame rate etc. There are differences in scores. Among them, the coordination and resolution of 4K laparoscopy are the most advantageous, while the scores of 3D laparoscopy are low, but they have outstanding performance in the sense of depth.
The survey results of the first assistant show that in 3D laparoscopic surgery, the visual fatigue is strong, and it is easy to be dizzy, while the incidence of 4K laparoscopy is low, often because the position of the first assistant is usually not facing the screen, and the 3D imaging is correct The special requirements of the viewing angle cause serious discomfort; in 4K laparoscopic surgery, the 4K screen is a 2D image, the image is not deformed, and the visual fatigue is significantly lower. In addition, the first assistant often needs to constantly change the angle of view according to the anatomical position of the main knife, so the visual fatigue of the 3D laparoscope is the strongest.
3 Hold laparoscope assistant
The Hold laparoscope assistant is very important because the hold laparoscope assistant is equivalent to the eyes of the entire surgical team. There are statistical differences in the scores of visual acuity, resolution, sense of operation, distance of the surgeon, and contrast in the feedback data of the hold laparoscope assistant. Among them, 4K laparoscopy has the most advantages in visual acuity, resolution and contrast, while 3D laparoscopy is still a sense of depth.
The survey result data of hold laparoscope assistant group shows that 4K laparoscopy has advantages in visual acuity, resolution and contrast compared with 3D laparoscopy, and 3D laparoscopy has advantages in depth perception. This may be because the hold laparoscope assistant is mainly responsible for the visual field display task during the operation, so it is more sensitive to image quality indicators such as visual acuity, resolution, and contrast.
In summary, combined with the results of the research data of different users in the operating room, the advantages of 3D laparoscopy lie in the sense of space, depth, and operation, while the 4K camera system provides the color standard of BT.2020, 3840 X 2160 The above image resolution, higher visual sensitivity, and higher recognition of tissue structures such as lymph nodes, microvessels, lymphatic vessels, neurovascular, etc., are better in operation coordination, visual acuity, resolution, color, and refresh rate. More than 3D laparoscopy advantages, which can bring a clearer and more delicate surgical field of vision.