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Surgery with 4K ultra-clear large screen

Surgery with 4K ultra-clear large screen

4KUltra High Definition

4K - Four Times the Resolution of Full HD


Ultra High Definition

The pixels of 4K UHD(3840*2160) is four times that of traditional Full HD (1920 x 1080)

Ultra High Definition

Truer Color

A wider color gamut can display more realistic tissue structures, blood vessels and nerves, etc., helping surgeons to locate more accurately

Truer Color

One-touch Twitching of Fiberscope Mode

One-touch switch, in fiber mode, eliminate moiré to ensure a clear surgical field of vision

One-touch Twitching of Fiberscope Mode
4k vs hd

Clearer Surgical Vision, Better Surgical Experience

If you use a full HD monitor when performing operations on small blood vessels with fine sutures, you may not be able to see the image clearly, and you may not be able to distinguish the objects in your field of vision. The 4K display enables surgeons to clearly see the inside of the patient, ensuring that they place the tools in a predetermined area to avoid any accidental injury.

When used on a monitor of the same size, the 4K resolution is four times that of the full HD resolution. Therefore, small objects such as suture lines and blood vessels that are blurred on the full HD will be clearer at 4K resolution. Full HD monitors can only be used comfortably at a distance, while 4K monitors can be comfortably viewed at closer distances. By using a 4K display with a 4K camera, you can increase the sharpness of the image through the higher pixel density provided by 4K, thereby restoring partially lost visibility and improving depth perception.

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4K Ultra High Definition Endoscope Camera System

4K Ultra High Definition Endoscope Camera System

Enhanced depth perception and accurate color

wider image color gamut

Support fiberscope mode

With function of recording and taking picture

Endoscope LED Light Source

Endoscope LED Light Source

High-intensity LED cold light source

150VA high brightness LED light source

CRI: ≥90

4K Ultra High Definition Endoscope Camera
4K Medical Monitor

4K Medical Monitor

32”, 43”, 55” large screen, more vivid and detailed image

Support four times resolution of FHD

Wide viewing angle

Ultra Laparoscope

4K UHD Laparoscope

Ultra resolution rigid telescope

4K Camera Head

4K Camera Head

1/1.8 CMOS chip, bring a clearer and more natural image

5 buttons support more functions

Support autoclave and low temperature plasma sterilization

Waterproof: IPX8

4K Ultra High Definition Endoscope Camera

SHREK 4K in Action

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4K Monitor
Size of monitor 32"/43"/55", medical grade 4K monitor
Resolution of screen 3840 (RGB)*2160 UHD
Frame rate of screen 60HZ
4K Camera System
Image sensor 1/1.8CMOS
Language English/Chinese
Resolution 3840 * 2160P
Camera head waterproof IPX8
Scan mode Progressive scan
Video recording USB 3.0 *2
Output port 3G-SDI, DVI, HDMI 2.0
Minimum illumination Less than 3Lux under F1.6
Frame rate 60 frames
4K Light Source
Light source LED light
Power 150W
Color temperature 4400K-6600K
CRI ≥90
Telescope 4K UHD telescope

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