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Endoscope LED Cold Light Source 100W

Endoscope LED Cold Light Source 100W

SY-GW1000L-N can be used for arthroscopy, ENT, PTED(percutaneous transforaminal endoscopic discectomy), cystoscope, percutaneous nephroscope, ventriculoscope, ductoscope, hysteroscopy, proctoscope, sigmoidoscope, urology resectoscope, plastic surgery endoscope, laparoscope, ductoscopy, breast implant endoscope, thoracoscopy, fiber nasopharyngoscope, fiber choledochoscopy, fber bronchoscope, fiber ureteroscope, TAPP hernia repair, lacrimal passage, minimally invasive varicose veins, etc.

Model: SY-GW1000L-N

Brand: Shrek

Product Type: LED Light Source

Warranty: Three years


1. Our endoscope camera system use 304 stainless steel, brushed metal which contributes to cleaning, disinfection and maintenance. Color of machine appearance wont change for long-term use.

2. Set screws use stainless steel material, so screws wont rust off and cause electrical short which extends service life of machine.

3. Baseboard of inner circuit board uses simple brass and protection cover, which is effective protection to antijamming of circuit and ground connection.



Input power100VA
Power supplyAC100-240V 50/60Hz
Light sourceLED light
Effective light power100mW
Color temperature6000±500K
Surface temperatures60℃
Light outDiameter: (10±0.10)mm
Host fuseT2AL 250V AC
Working environment5℃~40℃

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