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Gas CO2 Insufflator 40L

Gas CO2 Insufflator 40L

SY-GWQ400 is used for laparoscopy surgery.Build CO2 space during the laparoscope surgery, for offering wide view in the surgery.

Model: SY-GWQ400

Brand: Shrek

Product Type: Gas CO2 Insufflator

Warranty: Three years


1. Set screws use stainless steel material, so screws wont rust off and cause electrical short which extends service life of machine.

2. Baseboard of inner circuit board uses simple brass and protection cover, which is effective protection to antijamming of circuit and ground connection.



Power supply110~230V
Power frequency50HZ
Input power320VA
Range of flow2~40L
Range of press5~25mmHg
Pressure control precision2mmHg

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