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Urology Instruments

There are many surgical instruments in the urology surgery according to the type of operation, including cystoscope, resectoscope, ureteroscope and so on. At the same time, each surgical instrument also has different specifications and types. For example, there are cystoscopes for adults and children; ureteroscopes include rigid ureteroscopes and flexible ureteroscopes. Different specifications of surgical instruments are suitable for different urological operations.

Model: SY-SNG

Brand: SHREK

Product Type: Hand instruments

Warranty: One year


Ureteroscopy is a procedure to address kidney stones, and involves the passage of a small telescope, called a ureteroscope, through the urethra and bladder and up the ureter to the point where the stone is located.

  • Ureteroscope F8.5x430

    Ureteroscope F8.5x430

  • Dilator


  • Electrode


  • Biopsy Forceps 5Fr

    Biopsy Forceps 5Fr

  • Foreign Body Forceps 5Fr

    Foreign Body Forceps 5Fr

  • Stone Grasping

    Stone Grasping

Nephroscopy is a non-surgical way of examining the inside of the kidneys and treating certain conditions in the upper urinary tract. Nephroscopy is done with the use of a small instrument called a nephroscope. The thin, flexible tube part of the nephroscope is inserted into the skin through a very small cut.

  • Nephroscope


  • Sheath


  • Trocar


  • Puncture Needle

    Puncture Needle

  • Expander


  • Inner Core

    Inner Core

A flexible ureteroscope is used to see beyond the bladder into the ureters, the tubes that carry urine from the kidneys to the bladder. Through the flexible ureteroscope, the doctor can see a stone in the ureter.

  • Flexible Ureteroscope

    Flexible Ureteroscope

  • Flexible Ureteroscope

    Flexible Ureteroscope

  • Flexible Ureteroscope

    Flexible Ureteroscope


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