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Laparoscopy Instruments

Laparoscopy Instruments

Manner surgical treatment of ectopic pregnancy: Feasible laparoscopic salpingectomy. Fallopian tube linear cut embryos extraction for keep the fallopian tubes. Tubal mass removal for ectopic pregnancy. Ovarian cyst removal surgery. Resection of a benign tumor of the fallopian tube or ovary. Adnexectomy. Sterilisation. Uterorrhaphy. Lud removal. Pictures of pelvic adhesion decomposition. Infertility. Salpingostomy. Assisted hysterectomy. Uterine suspension. Surgical treatment of uterine fibroids.

Model: SY-FQ

Brand: SHREK

Product Type: Hand instruments

Warranty: One year


High quality, stainless steel instrumentation line that offers a variety of handle and insert styles for grasping, dissecting, suturing and cutting capabilities for laparoscopic procedures.


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