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Fiber Bronchoscope

Fiber Bronchoscope

The fiber bronchoscope can be used for bronchal lung cancer, tumors of the bronchal tube, bronchine endometrial nodules, a foreign object in a bronch pipe, unexplained cough, healing, lower respiratory tract infections,, etc.

Model: SY-ZQG

Brand: SHREK

Product Type: Flexible fiber endoscopes

Warranty: No


A fiberoptic bronchoscopy is a procedure that allows your physician to examine the breathing passages (airways) of the lungs. This procedure can either be for diagnostic reasons, to find out more about a problem or for therapeutic reasons, to treat an existing problem.
Adopting high quality image bundle from Japan, light guide buddle from Germany, which can provide a bright and clear image, it can comply with photography, teaching and dynamic records while connection to light source and camera system. 
With slim outer diameter of insertion tube, it has good insertion performance.
2.8mm big working channel with 180°up, 130°down of angulations and 90°of view of field which are important for observation, biopsy sampling and so on.
The bronchoscopes are fully waterproof.


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