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Cystoscopy Instruments

Cystoscopy Instruments

Cystoscopy instruments can be used for diagnostic of prostatic hyperplasia, bladder stones, diverticulum, Percutaneous, etc. Urology resectoscopy set can be used for prostatic hyperplasia, bladder stones,diverticulum, Percutaneous, etc.

Model: SY-PG

Brand: SHREK

Product Type: Hand instruments

Warranty: One year


A cystoscopy is a procedure to look inside the bladder using a thin camera called a cystoscope. A cystoscope is inserted into the urethra (the tube that carries pee out of the body) and passed into the bladder to allow a doctor or nurse to see inside.

  • Cystoscopy Instruments

    Cystoscopy Instruments

  • Cystoscopy


  • Sheath & Obturator

    Sheath & Obturator

  • Working Element

    Working Element

  • Endoscope Bridge

    Endoscope Bridge

  • Cystoscopy Instruments

    Cystoscopy Instruments

A urology resectoscope is a type of endoscope used in surgeries of the uterus, prostate, bladder, or urethra. The device may be used to extract tissue for biopsy, remove growths, or ablate diseased or damaged tissue. The resectoscope includes a wide angle microscope to allow complete visualization of the surgical site and an attached wire loop can be activated to cauterize tissue, limiting bleeding and eliminating the need for stitches.

  • Resectoscope for Cystoscopy

    Resectoscope for Cystoscopy

  • Resectoscope


  • Working Element

    Working Element

  • Fistula Instrument

    Fistula Instrument

  • Cutting Loops

    Cutting Loops

  • Suction Device

    Suction Device


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