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Endoscopy Heater

Endoscopy Heater

General surgery, urology, gynaecology, orthopaedics (spinal surgery), orthopaedics (joint surgery), neurosurgery, cardiothoracic surgery, orthopaedic surgery, pediatric surgery, etc.

Model: SY-722

Brand: SHREK

Product Type: Associated Equipments

Warranty: Three Years


With the development of modern medical technology, minimally invasive surgery is widely carried out clinically, and laparoscopic surgery is an important part of minimally invasive surgery. Clear surgical visibility is key to the safety of laparoscopic surgery, so anti-fog treatment of laparoscopic lenses is essential. In the process of endoscopy surgery, due to the difference between the cavity temperature and external temperature, some water vapor encountered cold laparoscopic lens easily condensed to form a layer of fog, affecting the clarity of the field presented on the display. Over the years, the clinical use of traditional lens warm-up method for anti-fog treatment, but in practice, the method often occurs hot saline sprinkling, scalding, lens tip-over and other phenomena, increasing the chances of intraoperative contamination and lens damage.



Supply voltage ~220V 50HZ
Heating range 35℃~55℃
Over-temperature protection >55℃
Sound light indication Green for start
Orange for heating
Sound for 1s for heating start
Sound for 3s for heating stop

Relative humidity

Input power 50VA

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