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ENT Treatment Unit

ENT Treatment Unit

It can be used with ENT endoscope for examination, diagnosis and treatment in ENT department.

Model: SY-ZLT

Brand: SHREK

Product Type: Associated Equipment

Warranty: None


The ENT treatment unit integrates nasal endoscope, ear endoscope, otoscope, imaging system, negative pressure and positive pressure system, which is used for the diagnosis and treatment of ENT diseases. It has a large table surface and extra cabinet and drawers for placing ENT computer station, printer and documents. For small clinic room, doctor doesn't need to place another work desk.



Metal unit body 1pc
Electronic control system 1pc
Noise & vibration insulator 1pc
Spray gun 3pcs
Blowing gun 1pc
Suction gun 1pc
Endoscope heater 1pc
Vacuum pump 1pc
Instrument tray 2pcs
Ointment jar 3pcs
Built in trash bin 1pc
Built in used instrument tray 1pc
Sewage collect system 1pc

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