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ENT Shaver

ENT Shaver

This technology is suitable for ear, nose and throat surgery of various types such as ear nodules, sinusitis, nasal polyps, nasal septum deviation, intranasal tumors, vocal cord polyps, throat tumors, etc. It is especially suitable for medical treatment with ineffective effects , Traditional treatment of ear, nose and throat diseases with poor efficacy.

Model: SY-DE200

Brand: SHREK

Product Type: Associated Equipment

Warranty: None


The ENT shaver system is a medical equipment that can cut the diseased part into pieces and remove it at the same time. It has a straight line design from the cutter head to the suction and discharge port to quickly discharge the cut tissue, so as to achieve the purpose of effective treatment of diseases.



Input power45VA
Maximum output rotating speed3000r.p.m
Locked-rotor protection torque>55 mN.m
Output torque<40mN.m
Tool diameter2.5-4.5mm
Suction negative pressure-0.04~-0.06mPa

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