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Arthroscopy Shaver

Arthroscopy Shaver

Under arthroscope, the orthopedics shaver system provides power for planer tool. Repair the injury in the joint.
Commonly used for inspection and surgery of intra-articular diseases; cutting and drilling of human bones; cutting and coagulation of biological tissues during surgery.

Model: SY-DG100

Brand: SHREK

Product Type: Associated Equipment

Warranty: None


Orthopedic shaver is a special high-speed micro electric surgical instrument newly developed by our company for orthopedic minimally invasive surgery. It is mainly used for endoscopic-guided minimally invasive surgery on pathological tissues in each bone and joint.

Orthopedics shaver system is a medical scientific research instrument used in basic medicine, clinical medicine, traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine.



Input power100VA
Maximum output rotating speed9000r.p.m
Speed modeLow, medium and high, three gear stepless speed regulation
Suction pipe joint diameter8mm
Tool diameter3.0-4.5mm
Suction and irrigation flow<800ml/min
Suction and irrigation negative pressure-0.04~-0.06mPa

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