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Wrinkle Surgical Instruments

Wrinkle Surgical Instruments

Wrinkle surgical instruments can be used for wrinkle removal from the nasal lip groove, face neck de-wrinkle, fills the skin with defects, acne dented scars and other treatments, retouched lip type, etc.

Model: SY-CZ

Brand: SHREK

Product Type: Hand instruments

Warranty: One year


Wrinkle reduction surgery is a minimally invasive surgery technique for wrinkle removal with minimal trauma and no traces. It aims at the partial sagging and wrinkled skin of the face, combined with the overall shape of the face for comprehensive design. It can combine the partial anti-wrinkle and anti-aging properties with the overall shape of the face to restore the firmness and smoothness of the skin and delicate contours, and achieve the harmonious and beautiful effect of the overall youthful face.


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