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Underarm Odour Endoscopy Instruments

Underarm Odour Endoscopy Instruments

Underarm odour endoscopy instruments is mainly used for removing odor.

Model: SY-YC

Brand: SHREK

Product Type: Hand instruments

Warranty: One year


Endoscope visual minimally invasive sweat gland removal combined with modern plastic beauty concept, the technology to treat fox odor using endoscope visual technology. In the high-definition visual system, it’s accordance with the physiological function of the skin under the armpits, only open about 5 mm, a small mouth. The treatment of fox odor using the micro-visual function of the endoscope. Tuman body underarm tissue directional detection, accurate positioning, fine separation of sweat glands (skunk glands) and normal tissue, the use of rotary planer minimally invasive peeling, accurate removal of sweat glands outside the body, can not only avoid other minimally invasion in the form of cutting, digging, pulling, clearing and other forms of damage to the normal tissue around the armpits, but also completely remove the sweat glands. As far as possible to retain the skin and glands unrelated to odor, so as to achieve the goal of completely rooting out fox odor, the technique is painless, no scars after surgery, does not affect aesthetics, and only a week will fully recover, and suitable for any age within the surgical adaptation and any occupation of stench patients.


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