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Thoracic & Cardiovascular Instruments

Thoracic & Cardiovascular Instruments

Sternum knife: often used to split the breastbone,Sternum scissors: reusable. used for cutting tissue in cardiothoracic surgery,Thoracic tissue forceps: reusable. used in cardiothoracic surgery to separate tissues, clamp blood vessels and instruments,Hemostatic clamps: reusable. for holding soft tissue,Hooks & needle: reusable. used to stretch tissue during surgery,Raspatories: reusable. used for stripping periosteum and other tissues during cardiac and thoracic surgery

Model: SY-XXWK

Brand: SHREK

Product Type: Basic surgical instruments

Warranty: None


Thoracic & cardiovascular instruments are medical instruments used for thoracic cardiovascular surgery. It can be divided into many types according to their structure and functional characteristics. To be familiar with and master the use of surgical instruments is the most basic requirement for cardiothoracic surgeons.

Basic thoracic & cardiovascular instruments mainly include: scissors, dissecting forceps, atraumtic forceps, hemostatic clamps, retractor, sternum retractor, atria forceps, etc..


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